Choosing the correct shoes:

  • Shop later in the day when feet swell

  • Take correct socks and any orthotics

  • Show shop assistant the wear-pattern on your present shoes

  • Our assistant will do a gait analysis, consider your weight, any injuries or problems, where and how much you run before recommending a running shoe.

  • If your existing shoe suits your needs and you are injury free, stick with this brand and model.

  • The shoe must fit in the store as running shoes do not stretch like leather shoes.





  • High, rigid arch = Under pronation
  • Need: Impact protection from highly cushioned shoes with less arch support
  • Normal arch = biomechanically efficient
  • Need: Cushioned, neutral or even stability shoes, depending on body weight.
  • Low, flexible arch= Over-pronation
  • Need: stability shoes with firm midsoles and control features


Checking your wear pattern:


  • Wear on outside of forefoot = under-pronation
  • Insufficient inward roll of the foot after landing
  • Wear evenly across forefoot = neutral
  • Foot does not tilt inward nor outward
  • Wear on inside of forefoot = over-pronation
  • Excessive inward roll of the foot after landing



Women’s feet are biomechanically different:


  • Women pronate more (because of wider hips) –different shapes and materials of midsoles- outsoles can offer extra support that women need
  • Women usually weigh less than men with the same foot size – women’s midsole material can be lower and/ or softer as less impact must be absorbed. Forefoot flex grooves must be accentuated. Gender-specific features can include a crash pad and/or an especially snugly fitting heel counter
  • Women’s foot shape differs – especially in arch, first toe, lateral side and ball of foot. Sometimes a completely different women’s last is necessary.
  • Women’s styling takes into account – colour trends. The female desire not to appear masculine or over-chunky. However the relevant shoe model’s technical advantages and reflectivity features are still included.
  • Women’s monthly cycle – brings variations in arch of foot. Some very high-level shoes (e.g. Asics GEL-Kayano) are designed to adapt with these changes.

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